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Although its getting to the end of Winter here in Australia the chill is still there, and so before it completely disappears and the warmer months invade us, I thought I’d send some inspiration your way regarding the good of Overcoats. Yes, nothing reminds me more of Europe than heading outside in an oversized overcoat to protect you from the elements, though why settle for a standard black overcoat when there are so many styles and colours to play with. Check out these guys found on the streets… 1/ Ruth Bridget 2/ Lee Oliveira 3/ Beyond Boston Chic 4/ Savile Streets 5/ Les Freres Joachim 6/ Pinterest 7/ 8/ Fashionising 9/ Street Style Market 10/ Trending FN 11/ Oh No They Didn’t 12/ Style Guy Cover / Gentlemen’s Tribune

It is rather sad when certain customs are lost in the world of men’s fashion. With the rise in popularity of street wear amongst young men, its quite rare to see a well put together gentleman walking the streets in a suit and tie, let alone donning a tie bar. For those that need a little education; a tie bar (also known as a tie slide, clip, pin or clasp) is used to clip a tie to the underlying shirt front, preventing it from swinging and ensuring that the tie hangs straightly, resulting in a neat, uniform appearance. The use of a tie bar gained prominence during the 1920s, and at times would display a small badge indicating membership to a club or group affiliation. Although those days are gone, we’re hoping the gentlemen below might inspire you a little in the lost art of dressing well. 1/ I.A.M.M. 2/ WWD 3/ Pinterest 4/ This + That 5/ The…

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When done well, a man donning a pair of suspenders can look rather dashing. Here are some gentlemen gracing the streets and showing us all how it’s done. Stay tuned for our own line of Gentleman & Scholar suspenders, which will be listed in our online shop very soon! 1/ The Trendy Dwarf 2/ The Suit Man 3/ Street Peeper 4/ Modern Hepburn 5/ The Sartorialist 6/ Tommy Ton 7/ Wayne Tippetts 8/ Lord Ashbury 9/ The Locals

It’s time to pull out those wooly socks, and buckle up those shoes. That’s right! It’s boot season, and today we’re here to bring you some inspiration from a bunch of lads that obviously know how it’s done. 1/ Fashion Wear 4 Men 2/ Killian and Co. 3/ The Sartorialist 4/ Wardrobe Looks 5/ Wardrobe Looks 6/ Style Caster 7/ Pinterst 8/ Style No Chaser