Shop Front: Blink 138 Opticians

Shop Front: Blink 138 Opticians

Being short sided has its down sides; mostly being the fact I can’t see at all without glasses. Though when there are people out there that dedicate themselves to helping us four eyes out, things start looking up. Many moons ago when when my optometrist dropped the news that I’d need to wear my glasses full time, there weren’t many options in Perth for those that dared to be a little more alternative with their frames. Though thankfully, and as a result of a like-minded friend’s suggestion, I wandered into Blink 138 Opticians in Leederville and was pleasantly surprised.

Patrick Quinn, co-owner & operator of Blink 138 with his son, shares that ‘this is all purely my own taste in things. No labels. It’s all my own personal stamp and my son’s own personal stamp on what we think people should be wearing.” Instead of having cabinets packed with designer brands that almost overwhelm you with choices that really aren’t that different and severely lack originality, Blink 138’s shelves have been displaying a decent range of unique spectacles for the last 10 years, that still seem to have a tendency of bringing people out of their shells. Patrick says perfectly that a good pair of glasses should “make people stand up taller, straighter and with much more confidence.” We could not agree with him more! So if you’re on the market for new frames, and don’t mind spending a little more for a quality pair, check out Blink 138 next your time down in Leederville getting a coffee.


Blink 138 Opticians

138 Oxford St,
Leederville WA 6007

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 9am-5.30pm

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